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Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

These curves appeared in a sunny spot in the garden on consecutive mornings…


An Eastern Garter Snake


‘Eastern Garter Snake:  Probably the most commonly encountered snake.

Named after the fancy striped garters historically worn by men, they are

usually dark in colour with three yellowish stripes from head to tail, though

the pattern may be faint.’ With thanks to:

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

The weekly photo challenge, ‘fleeting’, immediately brought to mind one of my favourite quotes: “Cherish the children; their time is fleeting.”

But instead of children, chicks…


Starling chicks, holed up high in a tree, squawking for food…


and for a fleeting moment mama starling brings food to her babies…

and for a fleeting moment I click the camera …

Weekly Photo Challenge: The sign says it all…

In different locations, the sign says it all…

Tower 1
Three girls suggested this sign and
wrote their names beneath the precise instruction

Picture and text sign
Are the pictures enough or are the words necessary?

Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background

Water is the common background in these contrasting photos…

Water lilies in pond water for the dragonfly and…


the Coral Sea for this table setting.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

My great escape is…


 a morning walk on a freshly washed beach
to see a sea of blue


or a slow saunter in the woods
to see a sea of green…


and with camera in hand
there are always surprises.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Patterns

Patterns here, patterns there,
Patterns, patterns everywhere.
Patterns in nature and patterns man-made with care.

I like the simple 4 leaf pattern on this plant…


and the circular leaf pattern on this plant.
Are you tempted to count the leaves?


A fascinating, tightly structured pattern on a… Travellers Palm
which is not a palm
– but Ravenala madagascariensis
and related to the banana plant.


This man-made pattern of pavers and stones appeals for its
simple design, stark colours and contrasting textures.


And now… take a welcome rest on this solid, wooden bench
with its gently curved patterns and symmetry.

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

Pondering what photo to use ‘from above’. Food? Flowers? Insects?

Then, a surprise. The decision is made for me whilst walking in bright sunshine by the lake…


A Midland Painted Turtle crosses the road to reach water – but
stops as I approach and tucks most of himself under his shell.


Then another surprise.
A Leopard frog is motionless
in ragged, beige and green grass beside the road.

‘From above’ reveals beautiful patterns on the animals.
‘Turtle’ and ‘Frog’ remind me of favourite children’s books.

The Smallest TurtleNot a Midland Painted Turtle, but a sea turtle (Amazon photo).


The frog:  A Frog Inside my Hat
Fay Robinson’s compilation of children’s poems.

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