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Patterns here, patterns there,
Patterns, patterns everywhere.
Patterns in nature and patterns man-made with care.

I like the simple 4 leaf pattern on this plant…


and the circular leaf pattern on this plant.
Are you tempted to count the leaves?


A fascinating, tightly structured pattern on a… Travellers Palm
which is not a palm
– but Ravenala madagascariensis
and related to the banana plant.


This man-made pattern of pavers and stones appeals for its
simple design, stark colours and contrasting textures.


And now… take a welcome rest on this solid, wooden bench
with its gently curved patterns and symmetry.

Comments on: "Weekly Photo Challenge: Patterns" (10)

  1. a wonderful bench (to hatch poems)

  2. Thanks for connecting to my entry for this weeks photo challenge: pattern. I like the variety of images you have posted for the challenge. I like the pavers, in particular, because as a kid I would ALWAYS do a spontaneous hopscotch game when faced with such a sight. Now, as an adult, I only do that SOMETIMES; when I don’t think anyone is watching. 🙂

    • Thanks for your kind words… I wonder how many children played ‘hopscotch’ on sidewalks and pavers! I like your interpreation of ‘patterns’ – the items separately and then in artwork. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. 1annecasey said:

    Nice patterns! Thanks so much for the link! : )))

  4. lovely pictures! 🙂

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