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‘Like water which can clearly mirror the sky and the trees so long as its surface is undisturbed, the mind can only reflect the true image if Self when it is tranquil and wholly relaxed.’ Indra Devi

Some of the best reflections I’ve seen have been over lakes in Canada…

Sunrise 1
Getting up early is worth it for the spectacular sunrises and quiet reflections…

Sunrise 2
sometimes spotting a white vapour trail against the clear, blue skies.

Canoe at the dock

A sunny canoe waits patiently at the dock and
the smooth, wooden paddle is ready to dip into the still, cold water.

The calm canoeist

A lone canoeist lingers and reflects
on miriad memories of his special place…

Turtle reflection
whilst on an adjoining lake, a turtle reflects
on his special place and ponders, “What’s for lunch?”

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Comments on: "Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections" (38)

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  2. Wow. Stunning pictures. Such a beautiful country!

  3. Wow! Beautiful reflections!

    • Thank you. We were lucky to have wonderful weather at the time with lots of calm, sunny mornings. the camera worked overtime.

  4. Beautiful images. I really like the one with the man in the canoe.

  5. All wonderful entries…especially love the canoe and the rich colors.

  6. Such beautiful “reflections.” I especially like the turtle reflection. Well done.

  7. Such beautiful perfect reflections! Like mirrors . . .

  8. I love canoeing on a lake, so the canoe shots were meaningful…, though all the photos are beautiful reflections of some of your wonderful moments. Thanks for sharing them.

    • Thanks Bruce. I’m glad you liked the shots and canoeing on such calm water was special… although often I was along for the ride, and others did the hard work!

  9. This is simply breathtaking!!

  10. Gaaaah. Such beautiful shots!! 🙂 I really love the 4th one!

    • Thank you Milaiski. The 4th on is one of my favourites too. I couldn’t believe how still the water was that morning.

  11. […] Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections | More than Reading Blog […]

  12. vk2fmia said:

    Beautiful image, could look at it all day.

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