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These curves appeared in a sunny spot in the garden on consecutive mornings…


An Eastern Garter Snake


‘Eastern Garter Snake:  Probably the most commonly encountered snake.

Named after the fancy striped garters historically worn by men, they are

usually dark in colour with three yellowish stripes from head to tail, though

the pattern may be faint.’ With thanks to:

Comments on: "Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves" (2)

  1. John Leschke said:

    Ooh Coral,

    Is that viper venomous? When I was so naïve and teaching at Goschen for my first two years (remember the shelter sheds and those one teacher Mallee toilet blocks? Of course you do!) one lunch time I had my baker’s dozen or thereabouts whole school serenely munching on their sandwiches (some with peanut butter methinks-who had a nut allergy in the 70’s?) and I ventured nonchantly zigzagging into the boys’ toilet and a black snake was coming out. I have an aversion to snakes-I wonder what the phobia is because I have it. I have a serious diagnosis! I rang a parent. He was there as fast as Ned Kelly could dodge an Aussie gendarme. He pulled, picked and poked at a pile of Mallee roots (our precious firewood) until he found that poor creature. He had to send it to Reptile Paradise for the children’s safety and the possibility of the children seeing me hyperventilate or succumbing to a frenzied panic attack. This man told us that snakes didn’t die until sunset and we all believed this of course. We all have a snake story and that’s just one of mine. I have a beautiful prep class for 3.5 days next week so am looking forward to fun and all the thirst they have for keenness to learn.
    It’s very frosty here lately!
    Enjoy the sun!

    • Thanks for this John! I was laughing out loud at your snake story – and yes, we all have at least one! I remember when a green snake (harmless?) came in the house in Clifton and found a sunny spot on M’s low window ledge. We kept the bedroom door closed and stuffed a towel under it to make sure the snake did not escape – and the ‘Reptile Rescuers’ (I kid you not!) came and calmly and quietly scooped it into a hessian bag. We were more careful about closing all the screen doors after that episode.

      And yes, I remember the old mallee shelter sheds where we ate lunch and played ‘Kitty Corner’ – those were the days…
      Apparently, the Eastern garter snake is harmless…

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