Sharing Early Literacy Learning Journeys

Getting there…

I try to sleep. But can’t sleep.
Even in cool, clean, cream-coloured sheets.
Left USA thirty hours ago.
Mid afternoon now. I should be sleeping.

Nap briefly on the plane across the Pacific and doze lightly on the plane across the South China Sea.
Land in Cairns early morning. Revisit the tropics.
Feel warm air and high humidity.
Strange, after cool, crisp mornings and dry, sunny days of  a northern hemisphere ‘fall’.
Mid afternoon. I should be sleeping.

Intend to sleep. Pull dark blue curtains across light white sheers for darkness.
Relax. Rest. But no sleep.
Mind whirring. Jot thoughts in notebook beside the bed.
Ideas. Possibilities. Plans.
Mid afternoon. I should be sleeping.

Suddenly. Get up. Throw on capris and t-shirt. Grab camera. Race out the door.
To the beach. To the beach.
Like a hatchling in Lynley Dodd’s, The Smallest Turtle.

Gentle waves roll in. Leave white, lacy foam on the sand.
Horizon of blue-green sea and blue, blue sky.
Take it all in.
Enjoy now.
Sleep later…

???????????????????????????????To the beach, to the beach…

???????????????????????????????with recent images and feelings still fresh and clear.

Travel: explore, embrace, learn and live

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