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If  colours are the smiles of nature, as Leigh Hunt said,
then the tropics are all smiles.

Cool colours.
Greens and blues of plants and skies.

Warm colours.
Reds, pinks, yellows and oranges.

???????????????????????????????Bright reds of ‘flame’ trees

PicMonkey CollageHot pinks of hibiscus combine with delicate ivory underneath

???????????????????????????????Smiling, sunny yellows of yellow bells

???????????????????????????????and fiery orange heliconia sassy.

Earth colours.
Light browns, dark browns
and every hue in between.

Then there are whites…
Stark whites (I daren’t say snow white!)
of buildings,
??????????????????????????????? a cool, calm frangipanni
??????????????????????????????? and gentle, ivory whites of variegated leaves
behind a bold, bright hibiscus.

Lots of smiles in the tropics…

Comments on: "Revisiting the tropics… no. 2: Colours" (7)

  1. I am so in love with the lush tropical landscapes and colors, especially as winter is moving into the Northern Hemisphere and colors are becoming very muted, muddied, and boring!

  2. Sally Bailey said:

    It’s so lovely to see all the blossoms out isn’t it Coral. Even though we don’t get a Spring here, there is the time just before the wet, when all the trees put on a flower show. I was telling my little friend N today that they are making their flowers now, so that when the wet comes, the fruits will be growing just in time to soak up all the rain. Then they will be so juicy and sweet, animals and birds won’t be able to resist them, and they will spread the seeds for the tree. I love the rhythms and interconnectedness of nature; although the tropics are so different from the temperate climates, they still have their rhythms and patterns. Loving the photography from you Coral, keep them coming.

    • Thanks Sally – so glad you enjoy the photos. It’s exciting to see the colourful environment again. Love your talk about the birds spreading the seeds as part of nature…

  3. Just beautiful Coral. All those colours. It actually makes me want to slow down this very hectic pace that I live and stop to smell the flowers!!!

    • Thanks Jen. Happily I have some time to wander now and that makes a difference. Maybe the holidays for you will bring some down time to ‘smell the flowers’!

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