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Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

Pondering what photo to use ‘from above’. Food? Flowers? Insects?

Then, a surprise. The decision is made for me whilst walking in bright sunshine by the lake…


A Midland Painted Turtle crosses the road to reach water – but
stops as I approach and tucks most of himself under his shell.


Then another surprise.
A Leopard frog is motionless
in ragged, beige and green grass beside the road.

‘From above’ reveals beautiful patterns on the animals.
‘Turtle’ and ‘Frog’ remind me of favourite children’s books.

The Smallest TurtleNot a Midland Painted Turtle, but a sea turtle (Amazon photo).


The frog:  A Frog Inside my Hat
Fay Robinson’s compilation of children’s poems.

Browsing for Breakfast

On an early morning walk, we come across a lone heron browsing for breakfast.


Slowly, silently slinking…  searching for a bite to eat.


Warily walking and watching the water he sees…

??????????????????????????????? … something of interest and
quietly enters the water.

His beak deftly pierces the water and comes up with something
for breakfast – but we couldn’t see the tasty morsel.

The lone heron browses until he is startled by a
walker’s ‘shoes on stones’ sound and he gracefully flies off.

Breakfast is over for the moment …

The birds are back…

The birds are back.
For spring and summer.

Water birds. Land birds.
Familiar birds: Geese. Mallards.

Unfamiliar birds.
Bobbing on the river that runs through town.


Black and white heads against choppy, blue water.
‘Hooded Mergansers’? Not sure…

On the way out of town,
Stop at calmer waters.

More ducks.
Black and white. Grey and white.

The ducks dive for food.
Re-surface. Anywhere!

Camera: Press. Focus. Click.
Duck:  Dives down. Out of sight.

Left with a photo of calm, cold water,
With a squiggle on the top!

Drive home. Download photos.
Beautiful black and white heads.

Google ‘Hooded Merganser’ to check.
Black head. White hood. But brown on the body? No…

View another picture.
Black and white head.

Bufflehead? Bufflehead?
Check google photos with my photos.

Could be…
Male. Black head. White wrap around patch. Yes…

Then, a telling factor:
“… buoyant, large-headed duck that abruptly vanishes and resurfaces as it feeds.” Yes…


A male Bufflehead


Later, we see a male Hooded Merganser.

The birds are back!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

It’s ‘a great day for up’
when you go
off the beach cliff
and up, up, up
into the sky…


with these high up hang-gliders.

Up always reminds me of A great day for UP, by Dr Suess –
a fun read with a child!


with thanks to for the cover picture.

Freezing rain and icy decorations: Winter’s last blast?

After a week away, we return to an icy ‘welcome’ with biting winds, freezing rain and icy roads in the dark, early morning hours. Dress shoes with smooth, hard soles slide on the ice-covered pavers. I shuffle gingerly to the front door, grasping the textured bricks of the house wall to keep me steady and upright .

In contrast to the dangers in the dark, morning light reveals a derth of delicate decorations…


Icy maple branches and


icy spruce branches.


An icy clothes line and


icy chicken wire.


Icy ‘antlers’ of cedars and


icy crystals of spruce.


And buds in ice prisons, wait to burst free…

Is it spring or autumn in your part of the world?

What does your environment look like?

Early morning noise…

What is it? Look out the living room window.
A yellow machine up the road. A man in it. Another man by the side of the road. What is he doing?
Dress quickly. Add warm coat, wool hat and mitts, grab the camera and rush out the door.
Exciting morning. Watch a back-hoe clear snow out of a ditch to help icy waters flow through the drains.


Man and machine at work.
Imagine how children would love to watch this on their way to school.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I love to see the clean swathes of ice and snow
the back-hoe takes from the ditch.

Go for a walk…


Slushy snow melts slooowly,


and icy water makes small creeks


and  large puddles.


At roadsides…


a frozen dinosaur appears…


and a large, cookie face gives a crooked smile as I pass!

Signs of Spring: Hooray!

With a sunny 7 degrees today there are welcome signs of spring.


A rhododendron escapes its cold enclosure
and its shiny leaves welcome the sun.


Sedum spears appear as snow disappears.


Rocks break out and absorb the sun’s rays whilst


 dock wood dries out and feels warm again.


But… roads soften and crack


and garbage is uncovered.


Thankfully and gradually, buds appear


and burst in happiness against a brilliant blue sky.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

In my haste for photographs, an early morning galah and a small red squirrel are lost in the details…



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