Sharing Early Literacy Learning Journeys

What is it? Look out the living room window.
A yellow machine up the road. A man in it. Another man by the side of the road. What is he doing?
Dress quickly. Add warm coat, wool hat and mitts, grab the camera and rush out the door.
Exciting morning. Watch a back-hoe clear snow out of a ditch to help icy waters flow through the drains.


Man and machine at work.
Imagine how children would love to watch this on their way to school.

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I love to see the clean swathes of ice and snow
the back-hoe takes from the ditch.

Go for a walk…


Slushy snow melts slooowly,


and icy water makes small creeks


and  large puddles.


At roadsides…


a frozen dinosaur appears…


and a large, cookie face gives a crooked smile as I pass!

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