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Signs of Spring: Hooray!

With a sunny 7 degrees today there are welcome signs of spring.


A rhododendron escapes its cold enclosure
and its shiny leaves welcome the sun.


Sedum spears appear as snow disappears.


Rocks break out and absorb the sun’s rays whilst


 dock wood dries out and feels warm again.


But… roads soften and crack


and garbage is uncovered.


Thankfully and gradually, buds appear


and burst in happiness against a brilliant blue sky.

Serious Snowstorm Number Two

The second serious snowstorm starts around seven in the morning and lasts all day and all night: soft, silent, swirling snowflakes floating, fluttering, falling.


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…


Morning breaks with brilliant sunshine,
brilliant, blue skies and brilliant, white snow…


 superbly fresh, white, powdery snow.


It’s pretty on Boxwoods…

and soooo pretty on Blue Spruce.


It makes a snow-topped table with spectacular edges


and windswept waves and dugouts around the bushes.

Snow is useful, too!

Snow sculpture is special…


and spectacular!

When it will fall?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

One of a kind.
Different from others in a way that makes it special or worthy of note.

Each icicle, unique.
One of a kind at a point in time.


What do you see in this icicle?


Icicles, at one point in time


Definitely unique: each time I moved the tree reflection changed on this ‘spider crack and seeping water’ on lagoon ice.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

Love on the lake nearby.
Alert love of parents.
Always watching. Always on guard.
Protecting. Caring. Loving.
As with all parents.


Canada Geese in spring


Canada Geese in summer


Mallard ducks in summer

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

What is beyond? What is in store? What will I see?
Beyond the creek…
Beyond the gate…
Beyond the shore…

B creek



and beyond…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

2013. A new year. A winter in Canada.
From tropical heat to snowy cold.

Aahh… but, the snow is pretty!
Picture postcard pretty.
Spectacular snow scenes.
Brilliant blue skies – some days!
Snow-white snow.

Resolve: take LOTS of ‘snow’ photos.


Not just pretty.
Different, unusual, curious, ‘out of the ordinary’ snow shots.
Diverse perspectives.


Delicate, light, fluffy fresh snow.
Gluggy, heavy, sloppy, dirty snow.

And… already a participant in ‘snow shovelling’ 101.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

Delicate silky threads flow from a crusty milkweed seed…

Milkweed seeds

… after the milkweed seed breaks free from the firm, grey pod.

Milkweed pod

Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

Changing seasons.
From fall to winter.
From coloured, autumn leaf to wintry, white leaf.
Brown, oak leaf stark in fresh, fluffy snow.
Winter in Canada.

Snowy oak leaf

Photo taken 25.11.2012

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