Sharing Early Literacy Learning Journeys

One of a kind.
Different from others in a way that makes it special or worthy of note.

Each icicle, unique.
One of a kind at a point in time.


What do you see in this icicle?


Icicles, at one point in time


Definitely unique: each time I moved the tree reflection changed on this ‘spider crack and seeping water’ on lagoon ice.

Comments on: "Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique" (6)

  1. Beautiful, especially the first picture…nature’s icy hand picking berries!!!

    • Thanks for your comment… love your words, ‘nature’s icy hand’. Did it take long to come up with those words? It would have taken me ages to uncover that gem! Such a coincidence that one berry remained…
      Thanks again,

    • Thanks DoRo – and I loved your words: nature’s icy hand…

  2. Really nice photos. Loved the “hand reaching up to grab the cherry” and the fishsicle in the second photo…all the way to the right. This is not an attempt to say you need editing…but instead to say that you should be sharing your writing…if you write. I want to turn you on to our editing book clubs. Not sure if you are currently publishing…but they are a great way to get an editor’s feedback at a really good price. Less than $15 per day now through February 10. Just in case….here’s the link to apply for more info.

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