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Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

2013. A new year. A winter in Canada.
From tropical heat to snowy cold.

Aahh… but, the snow is pretty!
Picture postcard pretty.
Spectacular snow scenes.
Brilliant blue skies – some days!
Snow-white snow.

Resolve: take LOTS of ‘snow’ photos.


Not just pretty.
Different, unusual, curious, ‘out of the ordinary’ snow shots.
Diverse perspectives.


Delicate, light, fluffy fresh snow.
Gluggy, heavy, sloppy, dirty snow.

And… already a participant in ‘snow shovelling’ 101.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

Delicate silky threads flow from a crusty milkweed seed…

Milkweed seeds

… after the milkweed seed breaks free from the firm, grey pod.

Milkweed pod

Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

Changing seasons.
From fall to winter.
From coloured, autumn leaf to wintry, white leaf.
Brown, oak leaf stark in fresh, fluffy snow.
Winter in Canada.

Snowy oak leaf

Photo taken 25.11.2012

Morning reflections

Morning walk in fresh snow.  Wintry scenes at every turn. Try to capture the beauty. Reflections abound.

Ice forming. Growing out from lagoon edges.  Water in between is like glass. Crystal, clear reflections. Blue sky appears. Spirits lift.

Time to reflect on a different view.

Fluffy first snow

Awake to three inches of fresh snow. First this winter. Cold, soft, silent snow. Delicate, light, fluffy snow. Hovering on twigs and branches.

Like little balls of cotton.

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