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Morning walk in fresh snow.  Wintry scenes at every turn. Try to capture the beauty. Reflections abound.

Ice forming. Growing out from lagoon edges.  Water in between is like glass. Crystal, clear reflections. Blue sky appears. Spirits lift.

Time to reflect on a different view.

Comments on: "Morning reflections" (2)

  1. John Leschke said:

    What beatiful prose to capture exquisite changes in Mother Nature’s cycle!
    It was a sizzling and frazzling 45 degrees on a late November day last week in Mildura and Swan Hill. Apparently a new record for November. I can swap snow for energy sapping heat. John

    • Thanks John.
      Mother Nature’s cycle is very evident here. Wow! 45 is hot… wonder if the chidlers were out playing cricket in that?
      Bet the ACs were going full blast, too.

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