Sharing Early Literacy Learning Journeys

What do these three creatures have in common?
They are a live native bird and two animals brought to school this week by Wildlife Carers in their ‘show and tell’ to our Year Ones – as part of our current unit of study about Australian Animals.

It’s Tuesday morning and we have four visiting speakers to talk about caring for animals:

  • two wildlife carers and the above Australian natives
  • a vet’s nurse and her Golden Retriever
  • a City Council worker and her big mascots, Mal the dog and Milo the cat
  • an RSPCA inspector

The children respond with excited, informed comments, superb drawings and quality, detailed writing.

It really is a blue tongue!
The ‘cute’ baby wallaby is a favourite with many children
The dog is another favourite
This ‘dog’ is special too!
What visiting speakers have you had in your classroom recently?

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