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On Friday, we celebrated One Hundred Days in Year One. Everything we did was connected to 100. The children brought 100 things to school in various containers and counted them – demonstrating different ways of grouping: tens, fives and random!

Check out this link to my More than Reading Newsletter to find out more about what I do for my 100 Days Celebrations.

On Thursday we have our Junior sports day. The sprints are before lunch and games are after lunch: high jump, discus, relays, parachute and skipping. There’s also a connection to literacy as the children see and sing their team ‘War Cries’. Now let’s get ready to go…

Ready to go!

Anyone have ideas from their 100 Days Celebrations to Share?

Comments on: "100 days and Sports Day" (2)

  1. Hi Coral and Year One Kids,

    I like your idea of taking 100 things to school to count. I think if I had to choose 100 of something from my house it would be 100 paperclips because there are so many in my pencil case!
    Last week the children in my class celebrated our 100th day at school too. We investigated 100 using our senses. We discovered what 100 looks like, feels like, sounds like and tastes like! We had such a fun day and it sounds like you did too.
    What was the most popular activity in your class?

    From Ms Dowling (and K/1D)

    PS – We have our Athletic’s Carnival on this Thursday too!

    • Hi Ms Dowling and Yr 1s,

      It is fun to have the children bring 100 things to count – the variety is always interesting.! This year we had 100 of: legos, pokemon items, yu-gi-oh cards, game cards, beads, small stones, feathers, shells, new bottle tops, five different sorts of pasta, cupcake papers, brown paper bags – and paper clips!

      Learning about 100 through the senses sounds like a great idea.

      Going outside and counting 100 fingers, doing 100 ‘heel-to-toe’ steps and running, skipping and hopping 100 metres was ‘awesome’ as some children said! Sharing the party food was definitely a favourite too. It was a great day.

      Have a wonderful Athletics Carnival – ours was fun and Eagles team won.

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