Sharing Early Literacy Learning Journeys

A yellow cloth covers the collage table and tea, coffee and juice await parents and children. A blue cloth covered table awaits fruit platters, small pancakes and banana bread that will arrive with parents and children. Mozart wafts from the CD player in our mat area.

It’s 8am on the morning of our Sharing Breakfast – a regular event in the last week of term. Children share their work with parents and parents celebrate children’s accomplishments. Piles of books grace the hexagonal tables – children’s books they work in like journals, alphabet, maths, activity and news books.  Children choose three books to read to parents – and two books for parents to read to them. 

On the previous day, the morning message is displayed at the classroom entrance as a reminder to parents. Children’s colourful drawings add a personal touch.

The morning message is a reminder to all
Evidence of each child’s work and books to read with a parent are displayed on the hexagonal tables.
Henry reads ‘Zac Power’ to his mum
Jake looks at ‘Tigress’ (Dowson) whilst nearby, his big brother reads to their mum
After all that sharing and eating, Ned chooses a Ravensburger puzzle

Parents stay for as long as it suits them. After sharing their child’s drawings, writing, reading books, numbers, science journals, etc., some parents head off to work – and they won’t even be late! Other parents stay and enjoy food, books, games and more time with the children.

How do you share children’s work with parents?

Comments on: "Sharing Breakfast – and celebrating children’s work" (2)

  1. Laura said:

    Coral –
    It sounds like just a lovely set up you have with the mix of food, drink, music and books! What a wonderful idea and such a great way to involve families and the joy of reading. Does your whole school do this, or is it just your class? How long have you been doing this for?
    Great blog post!

    • Hi Laura,

      Thanks for your response. This term, two Year One classes had Sharing Breakfasts. Since we share before school and into school time, most parents can attend, then go to work – without being late.

      I have always had a sharing event with parents to celebrate children’s work, but the breakfast time slot has been going for three years now.

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