Sharing Early Literacy Learning Journeys

With thanks to Dr Suess for Great Day for Up, ours is a Great Day for ‘ch’.  
A child brings in four little chicks. They go cheep, cheep, cheep, cheep, cheep.
Children chatter about the chicks and cheer when the chicks run, jump and fly.

The children observe the chicks.  We take photos and make notes.
Children exclaim…
“Look at him jump.”
“Look out! She’s trying to fly.”
“They’re scratching and pecking the floor.”
“Now they’re cleaning their feathers.

Children talk, draw, write, read and share their work.

A lone brown chick on our mat area.

All 4 chicks on the mat area. They didn't want to go on the white paper in the foreground!

Before writing, children brain-stormed words about the chicks

Trevor's drawing of the brown chick to accompany his writing.

Carl's drawing and dictated sentence about the happy chick.

Mariah’s colourful drawing of 4 yellow chicks.
What pets have come into your classroom?
Tell us about an experience with a pet in your classroom.


Comments on: "Great Day for ‘ch’: Child brings baby chicks" (2)

  1. Laura said:

    Coral –

    What a creative and “real” way to bring the language of Dr. Seuss’ books to life! I bet the children loved having animals in the classroom too, what a great learning experience for them! I bet there are not a lot of clasrooms that have animals come into them. The children’s drawings are terrific! Isn’t it amazing how when you focus on a sound you can come up with all kinds of word with it to link into what you are doing, more than you might have ever thought?!

    • Hi Laura,

      It was an exciting 30 minutes with the chicks – and then they were taken home. After that, the children came up with all the ‘ch’ words. As usual, children’s art work is a highlight for me and I am always surprised by special and unusual ‘masterpieces’.

      Thanks for your comment – and you are so right about making links!

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