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Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

2013. A new year. A winter in Canada.
From tropical heat to snowy cold.

Aahh… but, the snow is pretty!
Picture postcard pretty.
Spectacular snow scenes.
Brilliant blue skies – some days!
Snow-white snow.

Resolve: take LOTS of ‘snow’ photos.


Not just pretty.
Different, unusual, curious, ‘out of the ordinary’ snow shots.
Diverse perspectives.


Delicate, light, fluffy fresh snow.
Gluggy, heavy, sloppy, dirty snow.

And… already a participant in ‘snow shovelling’ 101.

Unexpected Visitor, Number Three

“When a pine needle falls in the forest;
the eagle hears it,
the deer sees it, and
the bear smells it.”
…an old First Nations saying.

“Look! Down the end of the road,” shouts our neighbour.
Straining our eyes and peering into the distance we see a smudge of brown against the grassy slope.

Suddenly a car noise. The deer turns sharply to take off back into the forest.
It’s hard to focus the camera.

A few minutes after the car passes, the deer reappears. Crosses the road towards the opposite green belt, stops.

A long way away. Three hundred metres at a guess. I steady the camera against the big, blue spruce at the front of the house. Try for another photo. Digital zoom. Focus.
Not perfect. But the best I can do. The deer moves off. Into the trees.
I walk down the road. Quietly. Slowly. Optimistically. Hoping the deer may stop to browse on willow leaves.
No luck. No deer. Maybe she saw me, smelled me, heard me.

Later that day, a neighbour asks if we saw a fawn running up the greenbelt next to our house and I wonder if the fawn belonged to the deer we saw earlier at the end of the road.

No. Missed it. I was inside folding laundry!

Dawn fog lifts by the lake to reveal an amazing sight

It’s mild and foggy as I head to the lake with camera in one hand and coffee in the other. The fog lifts, leaving a clear, sunny sky. Rounding the bend that leads to the lake an  amazing sight greets me: two large gaggles of geese are swimming on the lake in the distance. They are aware of me and start to swim away – but as they do, the gaggles come together, joining forces as it were, into one massive group – except they are not milling in a group, but stringing out in a long, long line.

Gaggle of geese in a line

Quickly I head behind the trees out of view of the geese. I race to the end of the lake for a closer look – and maybe some photos, despite their distance from shore.

I wonder why a group of five geese separates from the main string of geese. Are they the leaders? Are they on guard?

Five geese separate from the main group

The remaining group is large and the line is long. Too many geese to count from this far away. I watch and snap, snap, snap, moving along the strung out line of Canadian Geese. At the same time, the geese are slowly moving away.
Slowly, silently swimming, getting smaller and smaller. If they are aware of me, they are not afraid.

Suddenly, several geese honk in warning. I hear a splash in the water to my left – and wonder quickly if it’s a fish, a duck or an otter. To my disappoinment it’s a dog: a large, cream, labrador. He swims and cleans himself several times and then dog and master walk past. Meanwhile, the geese move further and further from shore… and photos fail to focus.

I turn and walk away, still smiling at my luck in seeing such a sight. I follow a narrow trail in the woods beside the lake – and I’m struck by another sight! This time, massive, dewy cobwebs sparkling in the sun. I stop. Sigh. And snap!

One of the many wonderful webs in the woods

And another web to gaze upon

The morethanreading blog is changing with my leave from full time Year One teaching. Like a child, I’m living in the moment – experiencing travelling and new environments. Interestingly, I also realise how much I am learning in the same way that my Year Ones learned – through Language Experience activities…

  • Participate and enjoy the experience
  • Talk about it, think about it
  • Take photos/or draw
  • Write and read about the experience/activity
  • Share
  • Read, research and make notes
  • Make photo stories
  • Share

On my way back for breakfast, two squirrels have breakfast. What a way to start the day!

I didn’t know that black squirrels and grey squirrels met for breakfast!

And bounding up the hill from the lake I laugh to see an ‘h’ resting on the road. Maybe I can’t get away from school and children after all!

I couldn’t miss the ‘h’ on the road

What was the highlight of your day today?
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