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After the rain…


the eloquent Iris is dripping and  flagging…


whilst the crystal, clear raindrops magnify the ‘lines’ on her long, lissome leaf.

Did you know…

the name Iris means rainbow?
Iris is the flower of the Greek goddess Iris who is the messenger of Love?
in the language of flowers Iris symbolizes eloquence?

With thanks to ‘the flower expert’

Comments on: "After the rain No. 2" (2)

  1. twoscamps said:

    When I think of irises now (as in eyes) I’ll be reminded of rainbows of love and eloquence! Lovely photos…

    • Thanks for the delightful iris eyes comment… yellow Irises in a park today made me think that Irises really do come in rainbow colours. I had fun taking the photos. Coral

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