Sharing Early Literacy Learning Journeys

An e-mail this morning, from a teacher friend in Australia, captures my attention. She alerts me to a request for help from another P-2 teacher.  It’s the beginning of term 4 and Yolanda, (not her real name) is running low on ideas and inspiration regarding topics for her children’s talking and sharing times.

I want to act immediately, get something out that could be useful right away – a talking/sharing strategy I call Co-operative Show and Tell –  and as you’ll see, it’s not the traditional ‘Show and Tell’. 

Teachers don’t have to search for topics when children provide a myriad of topics themselves. More interest, and more meaningful sharing, listening and writing for the children.

I decide to extract the Co-operative Show and Tell strategy (just two pages) from my book, Teaching Strategies for Literacy in the Early Years and share a free PDF download with Yolanda and interested others.

Here is your free download:  Enjoy!!

P.S.  I’ve also updated my website with the free download of Co-operative Show and Tell.

P.P.S.  Click here for more about Co-operative Show and Tell as a valuable pre-writing time. (An article I wrote for Practically Primary,  2010 and later wrote as a blog called ‘Please don’t ask me…’).

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