Sharing Early Literacy Learning Journeys

Today is Earth Day. Let’s look at mother nature at work. Late March. Early April.
Sunday: torrential rains, high tides and wild waves.
Monday: torrential rains, high tides and wild waves.
What happened at the beach?

Torrential rains for several days

In the morning, high tides and pounding waves hit the foreshore. Note the location of the large palm trunk in the front and the heavily slanted, small palm trunk behind.

Tides and waves create a 'new' foreshore.

Tuesday morning. Destruction revealed. Beach sand washed away.

Now look at the front palm trunk and the slanted palm trunk!

One wonders:
How much beach sand has gone? How long will the teetering palm trees last?
Is this ‘natural’ erosion? Has it been helped and/or hastened by man?

And then…
More rain and high tides in April.

By mid April, more sand has washed away.

What will tomorrow bring?

Hooray! A happy ending. The sands come back…

Nature's way: beach sand comes back...

Time for a walk to learn the names of unknown trees and flowers.
Happy earth day, everyone. How will you celebrate?

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