Sharing Early Literacy Learning Journeys

Last week’s blog asked, ‘What words work’ for early years’ teachers in shaping children’s behaviours? Here is the list so far, in alphabetical order… 17 ‘Words that work’:

Either/or…  “Either you keep your feet to yourself or you leave the group.”

Good choice…    “Are you making a good choice?” “Good choice?” “Poor choice?”

I like…     “I like your good listening.”

I like/love how you …..    makes praise more personal, and genuine

I like the way… “I like the way you are both co-operating at the blocks.”

O.T.T…. said quietly to the child as a reminder that an action is ‘Over The Top’.

Quality …     “That is quality work!”

Sandy (a child) is now the teacher… “Listen to her while she teaches you about a fantastic way to work the problem out.”

Sensational…  “SennnnnSATIONAL” – with hand actions. When someone does something special (sensational work or behaviours) tumble one hand over the other and end up in thumbs up position (whilst saying ‘sennnnnSATIONAL’)

Stop, look, listen…  with accompanying hand movements.  Always said slowly and clearly with the expectation that everyone will be doing each action as they are called.

Switch on…   help our bodies to be ‘switched on’ and ready to learn

Switch off…   things that cause us to ‘switch off’ learning

Thanks…  “Thanks for the tadpoles, Tom.”  “Hats… and to the door, thanks.”

Choice…   “It’s not a choice.”  “Wearing shoes in not a choice.”

Negotiable… “This is not negotiable!”

When…  and then…  “When you have finished xyz then you can do abc.”

You did it!     Reinforce or celebrate when a child does a skill correctly; if he fixed something by himself or with little help. The child often excitedly says, “I did it!” on realizing his accomplishment.

Once again, ‘Thanks’ to the early years teachers, parents and Speech Language Pathologist who kindly took the time to share their ‘Words that work.’ 

Let’s continue the learning journey. Feel free to share more ‘words that work’ in the comments box below. The more the merrier!

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