Sharing Early Literacy Learning Journeys

The excitement began first thing Monday morning when Nyssa and her dad told us about an echidna they found when her dad was landscaping their backyard. Nyssa (aged 6) wrote about the echidna. Later we found pictures and information about echidnas. This is Nyssa’s story with her dad’s photographs…

An echidna in my backyard

I saw an echidna in my backyard on Saturday. I had a sleep over with my best friend Gretal and when we went outside, my dog found the echidna. It had spikes and the echidna was digging down.

Gretal, Meg and I played ponies together and then my dad gave us the picnic rug and we had alphagetti and cheese sticks. We had fun and after our picnic we went back to see the echidna. The echidna was gone. We liked the echidna. It had black and light brown spikes.

Then I was happy because I knew he was safe. I think he went to look for a new home to live in. I hope the echidna likes his new home. I liked the echidna and he liked me. I hope he doesn’t lose any spikes.

The echidna was digging down, down.
His spikes were black and dark brown.

Have you seen an echidna outside of a zoo?

 What do you know about echidnas?



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