Sharing Early Literacy Learning Journeys

Last week the children were enthralled for fifty minutes with science experiments, dramatic action and a touch of magic in an Arts Council event: H2Whoa!   Richard, the scientist, worked with water to:
• make ‘elephant toothpaste’
• fire small ‘rockets’
• display water-logged animals
• create a cyclone in a bottle
• make and throw fake snow and
• blow enormous bubbles 

Guess which ones were the children’s favourites? 

Elephant toothpaste

Water-logged animals


Enormous bubbles

On our return to the classroom, and this time, without discussion or brainstorming, the children chose either A3 or A4 paper to draw and/or write about the show. As always, the variety of responses amazed me because I am never sure what will appeal most.

 We do not know what children like about an experience unless we give them the chance to talk  and freely respond to that experience.

The biggest bubbles in the world!

More bubbles...

… and more bubbles.

It was exciting to share a live performance and the ensuing spoken, written and visual languages were about the activity.  With pictures, sentences, words and a cup of fake snow displayed in our room, the event continues. 

Please leave your comments

Which experiment was your favourite?

What experiments can you do with water?

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