Sharing Early Literacy Learning Journeys

Today my Year 1 class played AFL football with a footballer nick-named ‘Fish’. Coincidentally, we are doing ‘f’ this week, so that fitted nicely. Fish worked on their fitness in a fast and furious fashion – which the children said was ‘fun’!  I took photos (ph – not ‘f’) and we made a class book entitled: Football Fun with Fish.  It WAS fun!

'Fish' gives footballs to the children.

Back in the classroom, the children talked about how much fun they had with the footballs. Our shared writing became: We had fun with Fish at AFL football.

Shared writing about our time with 'Fish'.

 The children drew about playing football with ‘Fish’ and I scribed their sentences.

A child's drawing of 'Fish' and the scribed story.

We made a class book of photos and sentences entitled: Football Fun with Fish.  This became another home-reading book.

Our class book, 'Football Fun with Fish'.

We added ‘four footballs’ to Our F  f Book.

Four footballs for 'Our F f Book'.

It was a fantastic Fursday!

How do you use school experiences to add to children’s literacy and numeracy?

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