Sharing Early Literacy Learning Journeys

Has it ever struck you that there are magical moments happening in your early years’ classroom?

On Tuesday, Sandy reads the morning message. “Mrs. Swan. You’ve made a mistake! One sentence doesn’t make sense – a word is missing.” Later, during shared reading of the morning message, texta in hand, Sandy inserts a carat and adds the missing word ‘the’ into our sentence. It’s a magical moment! Sandy thought for herself and solved the problem.

It’s magical when the children re-read their 5 or 6 journals at the end of the year and see their amazing progress in just 10 months.

Colin is astonished when he looks back at his first journal, “Did I write this? I can’t even read it.”  

* Can you read what Colin wrote (below) in his February journal?

* We’ll send a free copy of  Teaching Strategies for Literacy in the Early Years to the first person who sends in the correct translation of Colin’s February journal sentence by January 31st 2011.

Colin's first journal - February

Colin's fifth journal - November

Magical moments surface when children are immersed in activities that encourage discovery, interaction, cooperation, repetition – when children realize they can do something they couldn’t do before.

Misty mixes blue and yellow paint and discovers green – her joy in discovery is heard by all.

Izzy breaks new ground along her literacy journey as she writes: I have an adventurous bear…’

We see magical moments in children’s art, in their writing and reading. We hear it in their talk. We observe it in the myriad of interactions between children and between children and their environments.

We celebrate
When we see/hear ‘magical moments’ in the classroom, we share them – we celebrate the magic. We share how children are thinking for themselves. We share how children are doing things for themselves. We share how the ordinary changes to extraordinary.

What is a favourite magical moment from your classroom?

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Comments on: "Literacy – Magical Moments" (10)

  1. Rachel Wing said:

    Well Kelly is usually on the same team as me (netball) but I’m feeling a little competitive against her now! I think Colin’s journal entry is something like…[answer hidden]

  2. Hi Coral,
    Have just visited your blog for the first time but will be back – lots of great ideas and reflections on your teaching to read all about! I think that Colin’s journal sentence says [answer hidden]… hope I win! 🙂 Your book looks like a great read!
    Thanks Coral,


    • Hi Jen,

      Welcome to the blog – and I hope it is helpful.
      Thank you for the translation of Colin’s journal…


  3. Angela Moss said:

    Hi Coral,
    Looking forward to your next post.
    My translation of Colin’s journal is [answer hidden]

  4. Kerri said:

    Thank you Coral for creating such a wonderful blog. I love how your passion for teaching shines through the words on the screen.

    My favourite magical moment is when my Preps begin to negotiate and problem solve during their play. So much happens when they do this for themselves…oral language, listening, empathy, confidence, collaboration (because the end result is usually a combination of both ideas), it’s powerful stuff!

    • Hi Kerri,

      Thanks for your kind words and for sharing your exciting ‘magical moment’ – when your Preps DO things for themselves…

      I’ll look forward to hearing of more magical moments from your new bunch of Preps.


  5. Kelly Sheppard said:

    Great to see your blog is up and running. I will look forward to reading each post.

    My translation of Colin’s February Journal…[answer hidden]

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