Sharing Early Literacy Learning Journeys

The purpose of this blog is to share ideas and strategies for effective literacy teaching and learning in the early years. It’s a privilege for us to work with young children – to experience their originality, creativity and excitement in learning. Let’s share magical moments from our classrooms. Come along for the ride – add your comments and we’ll learn from each other. 

Coming next: Early Literacy – Magical Moments

Coming soon: Starting School series including… 
*organising my room 
*establishing activity areas
*all the little bits
*the first day…

Comments on: "Early Literacy – Welcome" (4)

  1. Leanne said:

    Hi Coral,

    I have your book and it has fantastic ideas. I have been teaching for over 10 years but I am looking forward to being part of your new year and learning too!

    Take care,

    • Hi Leanne,

      I’m glad you like the book – which strategies have been most helpful to you? Enjoy the ride in the new year!


  2. I am looking forward to the ride! I will be checking back to learn more!

    • Thanks Laura,

      I am looking forward to the ride too! I see you’ve subscribed so you’ll automatically receive all the new posts.


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