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Trillions of Trilliums

Today I feel like Heidi may have felt when she discovered masses of wild flowers in the Alps – except I am in the woods when I come across masses of trilliums.


Trillions of trilliums!


One superbly formed flower… after another…


But I don’t ‘gather great handfuls of flowers and
stuff them all into my apron’ 
like Heidi.

Instead, I photograph the brilliant white trilliums.


When I get home, I learn three very good reasons for not gathering the wild flowers. One, trilliums bloom in April/May – a short time to enjoy their beauty. Two, a trillium takes up to 11 years to … (read more)

The trillium is Ontario’s Provincial flower or ‘floral emblem’.

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Freezing rain and icy decorations: Winter’s last blast?

After a week away, we return to an icy ‘welcome’ with biting winds, freezing rain and icy roads in the dark, early morning hours. Dress shoes with smooth, hard soles slide on the ice-covered pavers. I shuffle gingerly to the front door, grasping the textured bricks of the house wall to keep me steady and upright .

In contrast to the dangers in the dark, morning light reveals a derth of delicate decorations…


Icy maple branches and


icy spruce branches.


An icy clothes line and


icy chicken wire.


Icy ‘antlers’ of cedars and


icy crystals of spruce.


And buds in ice prisons, wait to burst free…

Is it spring or autumn in your part of the world?

What does your environment look like?

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